Other Sources of Green Job Postings

Environmental Networks in Canada

Most of Canada's national and provincial environmental networks have a newsletter, e-bulletin or website that advertises at least some environmental jobs in their region.

Canadian Environmental Organizations

Many groups and organizations have their own websites as well as e-mail or print newsletters. They sometimes post job opportunities to them. To find environmental groups and organizations in Canada, see the websites and directories of environmental organizations published by environmental networks in Canada.

Universities & Colleges

Academic opportunities, especially faculty positions, are not always posted on green job boards. If you are a student or graduate of a Canadian post-secondary institution, contact your faculty or career centre. See also ESAC, the Environmental Studies Association of Canada (click "resources"); plus these links to environmental studies programs in Canada.

Green Businesses and Industry

Similarly, individual businesses and corporations often post green jobs to their own websites. To find them, see these environmental directories or check local media, your local yellow pages, Canada411, your municipality's website, or the local Chamber of Commerce. Canadian Environmental, an environment industry site, also has an environment jobs section.

Green Media

There are a number of Canadian green or environmental magazines that may from time to time have green job ads. Check our listing of Canadian green magazines, independent media, your local natural foods store, environmental store or magazine store.

USA & International

There are many US and international environmental / green job sites including Green Dream Jobs, Idealist.org and others.

General-purpose job sites and mainstream media

These also welcome green job opportunities, but unfortunately can be more expensive and sometimes less effective if they fail to target specific interests, motivations and skill sets required. Special mention: Charity Village is a site for Canadian charities and nonprofits of all kinds, including environment.

'Bandwagon' sites

With green becoming trendy, others will want to profit by setting up their own sites in competition with existing networks. Unfortunately, this tends to create duplication of effort and wastes job seekers' and employers' resources. There is also a risk of greenwash, misleading and manipulative techniques. Those with a sincere desire to support green human resources in Canada are encouraged to contribute to existing services to make them even better.