Green Job, Career and Networking Resources

Organizations and resources of interest to green job seekers:

Green Job Search Tips

Article, links and resources provided by Planetfriendly and GoodWorkCanada: Green Job Search Tips. More green and environmental job search tips. General job search tips | resume advice | interview advice.

Green Books and Magazines

see your local environmental retailer (such as Grassroots Toronto, Arbour Ottawa, or P'lovers); the magazine rack at your local natural foods store or food co-op; green publishers such as Chelsea Green, New Society or others; Planetfriendly's list of green magazines; google directory; or GoodWork's list of green job resources.

Education, Training and Capacity Building

Alternatives Journal publishes an annual print directory of post-secondary Environmental Education programmes in Canada: Environmental Studies, Environmental Science and related fields. You can also find at least part of it online: undergraduate | graduate. ECO Canada also publishes a directory (you need to log in before you can view it). There are other post-secondary environmental education directories in Canada, the US and worldwide. Many shorter courses, training and workshopscan be found on the Planetfriendly Calendar. The Sustainability Network provides training and capacity-building to staff and management of Canadian environmental nonprofit organizations. Environmental and ecological learning centres provide a variety of hands-on experiences for adults and youth, including intern and apprenticeship opportunities. Environmental education is also very important at the primary and secondary levels.

Volunteer and Barter Opportunities

Volunteering can be an great way to learn and ideally a good way to prove yourself, get some good references and connections. or directly contact environmental groups and organizations that interest you. Here's an article on how to get started in environmental volunteering in Canada. And if you really need to get out of a rut, wwoofing and ecovillages are creative ways to spend some time living and volunteering away from the city, learning about organic gardening or farming, renewable energy and many other aspects of sustainable living.


Green Events, Workshops and Conferences are an excellent way to learn, meet people and get involved. See also this article on how to make the most out of events and conferences. Planetfriendly publishes Canada's largest calendar of green events in 2008 and beyond. You can also find events by looking at the bulletin boards at your local environmental faculty or retailer; or by visiting the websites of environmental groups and organizations in your area. For example, in Ontario, see the Ontario Environmental Directory.

Face-to-face Social Networking

Green Drinks and Young Environmental Professionals provide frequent opportunities Informal and professional networking for green-minded Canadians, including job seekers. A chance to mingle with a variety of people, from the genuinely concerned, to the cynical, to the wanna-make-a-quick-buck variety. In a number of cities and towns across Canada and worldwide.

Online Networking

Online social networking can also help, but tends to be very time consuming and possibly with very little tangible benefits. Popular examples include Facebook and LinkedIn. In Facebook, try searching for various green keywords and phrases that interest you.

Green Job News

news and articles on green jobs around the world. Alternatives Journal Article | Google news searches: Green Job News (2) (3) (4). More green news and media.

Start a Green Business

Last but not least, consider starting your own green business. To get ideas and support, make use of the resources and networking above. Then contact your local small business resource centre and other small business start-up resources. In some cities, there are networks and resources specifically for green small businesses. For example, in Toronto there is Green Enterprise and the Coalition for a Green Economy (which doesn't seem to update their website often, but as of 2008 still seems to have interesting speakers and networking events every month or two). There are many other green business networks and associations in Canada, ranging from organic food, gardening and agriculture, to landscaping, solar and wind power, ecotourism; outdoor education; cooperatives. See also Planetfriendly's green business links.